Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dear 2016,

As I ring in the new year alone to the sounds of fireworks outside I can't help but reflect on the year you've been and the things that you've taught me; the really important things you've made me understand. I've realized just how truly wonderful and amazingly supportive my family is. I've learned that the bond the four of us have is important - perhaps the most important thing in my life. Together the four of us can get through anything. It might be hard and we might struggle but eventually, if we stick together, we'll figure it out. You've also shown me just how awesome my extended family is. That my aunts and uncles and cousins impact so much of my life. They've each been there for me and probably without even realizing it. I love them for how understanding they are when I'm often distant. 2016, you taught me to cherish these people and never let them go. Family is everything, and I truly know that now.

2016, you taught me that relationships are hard. That they might not always be as strong as I'd like them to be. That they will fall and crumble if I don't take care of them. That taking care of them is hard work; really hard work. 2016, you showed me that sometimes relationships aren't meant to be. That even sometimes I might have to take a break from certain ones. I'm not always in control and I have to learn how to live with that. I learned that not everyone is going to stick around. Even people I thought would always be there for me. But those core group of people who do stay, they truly are pretty astounding people. Sometimes I'm even going to have people reject me because of my diagnosis. People who don't understand and don't want to associate with the 'crazy person' because it's not always a walk in the park. 2016, you taught me that even romantic relationships are hard - especially with the diagnosis. I've realized that sometimes people aren't going to want me because they are afraid of me in the future. Afraid of what I bring to the table; my instability, disorder, and all that comes with it. I learned what it's like to have my heart break because of yet another thing this disorder has impacted. It's been a really hard lesson to learn but maybe it's better to find it out now.

Oh and 2016, One of the best things you've taught me is to trust my instincts. Even if they might not be popular with those around me. You've shown me that I know me best; better than anyone else in fact. I learned that if I trust myself, with myself, then I always end up where I'm supposed to be. It's been hard to learn how to take care of me first, but I think I've gotten the hang of it. I've learned that it's okay not to be okay. That it's okay to say no to things. That you can't help/take care of others until you do so for yourself. 2016, you showed me just how strong I really am. How much I truly can endure. I never knew I could do something like this. I never in a million years thought I'd be able to handle a diagnosis like this. It comes with so many parts and so many trials. There are so many factors that are out of my control and that's frustrating. But despite all that, you've shown me that I'm so much stronger than I have ever known.

So 2016, despite ringing in the New Year alone - You will not defeat me. I am stronger than you. You've taught me a lot but I'm not sad to see you go. I've learned that I really am all I need, all I've ever needed. I know I'm strong enough to do it, even if sometimes I feel like I'm doing it alone. I will not let what happened this year get the best of me. Here's to 2017. The year I focus on what brings me happiness. The year I sever ties with negativity and the people who bring it. The year I learn invaluable information for my future.

The year I truly find myself.



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